Adora" is actually only one variety of herbaceous complexes and food supplements, which are precisely designed and balanced by their properties. 

❖ Adora is 100% herbaceous, natural and harmless thing. Long term using is very useful for the organism. As a central act of aphrodisiac, in fact it has a Lightning and prolonged effect at the same time.

❖ After 40 minutes of getting, there is already a significant effect. Leads to increase of potential, sustainable and long-lasting erection, increases libido.

❖ Strengthens blood flow to small pelvic organs It promotes the prolongation of sexual act, stimulation of spermogenesis, strengthens immunity, nourishes the heart muscle, regulates the function of the prostate gut, regulates the metabolism. Restores the energy balance in the body.

❖ It stimulates the seed glands, which is also reflected in spermogenesis. This is not the only difference between different chemical analogies

❖ Adora reacts in female too. It is expressed in the rise of the libido, in the regulation of sexual act, which is necessary for a healthy, physiological condition.

❖ Getting this product as Symptomatically as regularly leads not only to increase the potential, but also reacts useful changes in the body, which is reflected in strengthening immunity, regulating metabolism.

❖ "Adora" is harmless for the organism and does not cause life-threatening shifts, it is a mixture made with natural ingredients.



•  honey
• Mulberry syrup
•  Flower dust
•  Epimedium
•  Bee milk
•  ginger
•  Galangal; 
•  Panax ginseng
•  Eleutherococcus, 
•  ginkgo biloba
•  Glucose Syrup;
•  oats
•  pease
•  gourd
•  garlic 
•  Coffee
•  vanilla
•  cinnamon
• nettle
• Cocoa
• Natural aromatics.



The product does not contain Conservatives, Artificial paints and flavors.

Adora is made in Georgia,  and is in demand  in the world.

Due to the active biological composition, the daily dose is not recommended more than 1 package or 1 teaspoon.

Drug Dosage: Adora Packages Open the packet and get it 40 minutes before for the desired time. 

Drug Dosage:

Adora in jars:13 servings. Stir in jar and get 1 teaspoon 40 minutes before the desired time

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